Credit for the Self-Employed

When starting a business or self-employment, many questions arise. Customers receive a car loan from all German Good Finance for the financing of new and used cars.

What are the topics that are relevant to entrepreneurs in Austria? You will receive information about subsidies, financing, taxes and self-employment tips. Will freelancers or the self-employed also receive a FAIR consumer credit?

Business start

Business start

Your Good Finance can help you to stay on the road to success right from the start. When starting a business or self-employment, many questions arise.

But before you decide to raise the money, you should use your business plan to calculate how much you spend. In the beginning, not only the funds for investment, foundation costs or raw material are needed.

In case of emergency, you should always keep an “emergency penny”. Experienced consultants of your Good Finance will help you in the preparation of your financing concept. They are anchored in the respective region and have financial experts in founding a company. The bank adviser knows which loan is right for your home and how it benefits from government support.

Your company should succeed and grow from the beginning

Your company should succeed and grow from the beginning

For this, it is necessary that the payment process runs smoothly. Good Finance has the right offers and is your partner. All this is important for your startup business. In this way, you are set to bottlenecks or can calculate in case of overhang investment costs.

You as a self-employed person must protect yourself and your business. Being prepared for emergencies does not mean avoiding every single event, but adjusting to events. In this way, you can keep the impact on your operation as low as possible. It’s a lot of power and heart and soul in your operation, it should not come through a little inattention or an unfortunate event.

Therefore you should take out appropriate insurance policies in time for emergencies. There are currently over 300 types of insurance products for the private and business insurance sectors – and rising. 2. In order to get an idea of ​​the dangers you can expect, expert advice is needed. Your Good Finance advisor or your Good Finance consultant will assist you in choosing the right goods for you.

Before you start working with the expert

Before you start working with the expert

The prospective trader must choose a suitable form of company. For a future entrepreneur, the most important choice is also his hardest.

Because when it comes to the optimal form of society, there is no optimal alternative – despite many ways out. The choice of legal form has legal, economic and fiscal consequences. Before deciding on a company form, you should give a few details: You have the opportunity to answer your question: are you risky and want to take full responsibility?

The business concept is commitment and free choice for entrepreneurs. It matters to your potential sponsors and to yourself. What does your offer bring to your customers and what makes it better than the competitors? Which shape did you choose and why? Anyone who answers all the questions raised in the business plan is there.

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